Software as a Service From Infosmart

Infosmart Technologies offers its products in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. SaaS is the right prescription for customers who would prefer not to make IT investments that involve upfront payment. This model permits customers to use our software without having to pay the license fee. Customers are also spared of the IT infrastructure and hardware costs as these are borne by us. The costs are, thus, amortized over the duration of the contract by the customer.

SaaS gives you the following advantages:-
  1. Full functionality without the burden of deploying and managing the software.
  2. Lower up-front costs vis a vis license purchase.
  3. No additional hardware and lower internal staffing requirements.
  4. Greater agility to scale software to meet changing business requirements.
  5. Enables software updates and upgrades without associated disruptions and costs.
The Advantage
1. Technology
  • Data center network infrastructure on Cisco approved design.
  • Network infrastructure with ISP redundancy can handle bandwidths up to 155 Mbps
  • Server side infrastructure employs performance oriented servers from Sun & IBM
  • Storage infrastructure from EMC & Sun
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery capabilities
2. Total support services
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support with live monitoring of the network, server and security operations
  • Dedicated teams for Database, Network, Security and Server administration and operations.
  • ITIL V3 compliant support services.
  • Dedicated helpdesk operations
  • SaaS delivery through leading Tier one ISPs
3. Security
  • Dedicated firewalls for intrusion prevention, anti–X and URL filtering
  • 3DES/AES/SSL VPN capabilities with a throughput of 225 Mbps to 750 Mbps.
  • Processes and data handling mechanisms aligned to meet ISO:27001 security standards.
  • Biometric access control systems, NFPA approved fire detection & suppression systems with 24/7 video surveillance.
4. Reliability
  • 100% redundancy in network infrastructure
  • Direct fiber termination to the Infosmart Data Centers from ISPs.
  • Links from ISPs having multiple redundant paths across the Trans Atlantic and Trans Pacific route.
  • Server level clustering and redundancies can also be offered depending on the customer requirement.
  • Redundancy in power feeds, UPS systems and air-conditioning